Need help re: clog pattern

I would of posted this under the conversation of clogs, but it seems like that is more of “I did it” thread, and I’m just beginning.

I’m having problems with the guage.
I understand the guage is 9sts to 4". Ok, got that. So I use needle 13. 9sts make 3"…ok, so I use needle 15. Not. I don’t have a size 16. Because that seems like it would do it, but there is a problem.

I’m using the knitpicks worsted weight yarn. I’ve doubled the yarn, like the instructions say. But my knitting has some major “holes” with size 15. I can only imagine if I use bigger needles.

Are the knitting “holes” suppose to be that big in this project? And when it felts, what is going to happen.

I’ve never felted before, and I dont’ like knitting that has big “holes” so I always compensate with smaller needles to the yarn. But that is always without a pattern.

Can someone help me? I hope this makes sense, because I feel really lost and frustrated. :XX:

Don’t worry about the holes! The knitting is supposed to be all loose and airy. When you felt it, they will close up. It’s what makes the finished clog nice and squishy!

I know a lot of people have used knit picks yarn doubled and had it work, so you should be fine. I didn’t even take gauge.

And feel free to post over on the KAL thread! That’s what KAL’s are for–to help out fellow knitters!

Yes! A KAL is for a pattern that lots of people are doing. This way all wisdom and problems are in the same place. Don’t be shy, come on in!

Ok, be there in a jiffy!