Need help please decreasing 1st each RS row

Hi. I would really appreciate help with this basic waffle knit pattern. It’s from Berroco Mayer free pattern. It is a repeat of four rows:
Row 1 (ws) p1, *k1, p1, rep from * across
Row 2: k1, bring yarn to front under needle, sl 1 purlwise, bring yarn to back over needle, k1, rep from
Row 3: p1, *k1 together with the yarn passed over needle, p1, rep from * across
Row 4: knit

My problem comes when I have to decrease 1 stitch each side every RS row 7 times. That means (I think) that I would decrease at the beginning and end of rows 2 and 4. I’m just not sure how to do it and maintain the pattern. For example if I decrease the first knit st on row 2 how do I do that and have a yarn forward to maintain the pattern. Thanks so much for any assistance. I’m at the armholes and the sweater looks great and I’d like to finish it and keep the look of the waffle stitch.

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Yes, you definitely want to maintain the waffle pattern. The simplest way to work these decreases is to give up the pattern for the first and the last couple of sts. Work them in stockinette (knit on the RS, purl on the WS). They’ll be part of the sleeve seam anyway and the stockinette will be easier to seam.

This is a kind of brioche stitch and often the decreases are worked a double decreases to maintain pattern. You can’t really do that here since you’re working single decreases so my default is to go to stockinette for a few sts each end.

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Hi, I don’t know this pattern but you are correct that you will be decreasing on rows 2&4.
Try not to be too concerned about losing pattern at those few edge stitches, which will be ‘hidden’ within the seam eventually, but do try to be careful with the main body - this is the important part. Read the face of your work and,after a decrease row, keep checking that all is running correctly.
With a decrease starting on row 2, the first k1 stitch is lost and the second sl1 is also used to make the decrease, you then continue on in pattern as before until the last 2 stitches which you knit together. It is not necessary to make the yarn forwards/ YO at the beginning or at the end of this row.
Row 3 can start p1,k 1 or k1, k1 - this is not too important. The following stitch, however, must be in pattern ( until it too is used up for a decrease) and it should be obvious what stitch to make by looking where the next yo is. Row 4 is a decrease knit row, then for the following Row 1 you will need to calculate if it starts on a P1 or a K1 by looking at your work.
It could be that you will start decreasing on a row 4 not row 2 ( I imagine the pattern tells you to work until you reach X inches before beginning to shape the armholes.) If so, you just need to take your time and work out which stitch starts the next WS row.
Good luck with your project, just take things slowly and carefully and all should turn out fine :smiley:

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Thank you both so much! This forum is just fantastic. If a pattern is straight forward I’m ok, but if I have to follow the pattern produced by my knitting, that’s where I struggle. I’m just not a visual person. Thanks for the support!!!

This gets easier as you work different patterns. Keep charging ahead with new patterns and you be fine. You’re always welcome to ask here at any time.