Need help picking up stiches for instep of socks

I’m making a top down pair of socks, and am having difficulty picking up stiches for the instep. I understand the instructions, so there’s no problem there, it’s just that I end up with “holes” where I’ve picked up. (does that make sense)

I was hoping some die hard sock knitters could bestow some “tricks.”

I appreciate any help y’all can give.


Jana :notworthy:

Two tips I’ve seen:

1: Pick up one extra stitch at the beginning and end of the gusset, then on following rows knit it together with its neighbor (the heel or instep stich next to it) to eliminate the hole that can develop on the corners.

  1. On the row after you’ve picked up the stitches, knit into the back of these stitches to twist them – helps close up gaps.

Hope those two things help.


Try t othink of the holes as decorative. You could pick up those stitches with a really tiny needle and then ktbl to twist them, check out Grunperina’s post on picking up stitches ‘the pretty way’

Ditto what BillSpace said. That’s almost what I do too (probably suggested by someone on KH, since I’ve never had an original knitting idea as far as I know). I don’t knit the two gusset pick up together (I work them just like the other stitches), but I’m sure going to try that suggestion on the next pair I knit.


Take a look at Amy’s video for M1. If you do that with the yarn between the dpn’s where the holes are and then knit two together on the next round you will close up the holes.