Need Help picking a soft yarn

I have a friend who is going through radiation and chemo treatments she mentioned to me yesterday that after her treatment she is very cold and longs to wrap up in something but has to be so careful cause her skin is to sensitive… She also would like something to wrap up in the car to protect her skin… I was wondering if I made her the prayers shawl what would be some options for a soft yarn that wouldn’t irritate her skin or break my yarn budget :thinking: TIA

Knitpicks Shine? Its a cotton/modal blend…not in the LEAST bit scratchy! Like BUTTAH! I would stay away from wool altogether. And, The FRILLwrap from Knitty asks for cotton! VERY pretty!

well i was going to come over to the other place to respond to this but i decided that it was better to talk about her where she can’t see it…:slight_smile: (of course this won’t stop you from threatening me i suppose!) I got the knitpicks color cards yesterday. some of the yarns are VERY soft and yummy feeling. of course i took them out of my purse today to discourage touching them all day long. i will try to remember to look them over tonight to see if there is something that feels really good with nice colors. how much does that pattern you have been thinking about take? is she losing hair yet? i don’t think i have seen anything posted about that.

ohh Thank you KellyK love those colors and that shawl is very pretty too!!

Brendajos it calls for 3 skeins of Homespun but I wasn’t for sure if the homespun would be best to use cause some stated it wanted to fray around the edges… She hasn’t started to lose her hair in big clumps yet but when she brushes her hair more is coming out they told her with her thick hair it might take awhile for her to know for sure if she will lose it… I hope she doesn’t she loves her hair took her so long to grow it so long but like she says its just hair it will grow back in the fall if she does…

Don’t use Homeshun, er, Homespun. It’s nasty. There are so many nice yarns out there. This one is the bottom of the barrel in my opinion.

Knitpicks has some new yummy-looking bulky yarns, too! What pattern are you looking at? Can you link to it?

Hey KellyK here it is I hope…

Its also on lionbrand thats where it calls for homespun but on this site is where I read some had trouble with the homespun :smiley:

OH! Its seed st with a garter border! You can do that with ANY yarn! I would use larger needles than whatever the yarn calls for…makes it a smidge looser and therefore ever softer…

ohh Thanks KellyK this weekend I’m hoping to get the yarn so I can work on it will remeber bigger needle sizes!! :thumbsup:

I’m also looking for soft yarns for chemo caps and it seems like a lot of the patterns suggest Berroco’s Chincilla. Anything negative about this yarn?

And … I’m assuming that mohair is out of the question for the chemo hats, yes? Some people think it’s soft - some think it’s a little itchy.

I want soft and sassy - and I want it NOW! :wink: … as in - I’m going out at lunch time and getting the yarn.


My personal favorite yarn to knit with these days is Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton. It comes it BEAUTIFUL colors (see baby blanket pattern thread on patterns forum) and it is heavenly soft, a little stretchy and washable! It may break your budget at $8.95 a skein though. It’s not as high as some yarns I’ve seen though. :wink:

In the last few weeks I’ve knit with Knitpicks Decadence and Suri Dream – two of the newer bulky yarns. Both are soooo nice. The suri dream is a wee bit cumbersome to knit with (I’m not usually a big fan of foofy-eyelashy lookin’ stuff) but is so soft and wonderful. As is the Decadence – of course – what’s not to love about alpaca? :smiley: