Need help on decreasing!

Hi. I’m on a pattern that calls for the following:

CO 22
6 rows of st st ( I get this far then it gets me confused!)

Cont w/st st and decrease at each end for the next 8 rows - 6 sts

I can’t seem to understand what decreasing method to use on the right side of the project for left/right slanting. I also don’t know what method to use on the wrong side(purl side) of the project for left/right slanting. I did it once and I was left with 6 sts like the pattern said but the sides were all messy! It look like they were in knots! :frowning:


Have you looked at these?

yes but all the choices confuses me! I think I have a problem understanding the pattern overall. It’s from a Debbie Bliss book called, “Special Knits” and I’m knitting the rabbit. I am so stuck. Even after I attempted 2x to make this “gusset”(w/the slants and dec etc.), it asks to p/u 42 stitches. There’s not even enough stitches on the gusset to pick up 42. I don’t know what I’m doing! :crying:

I’m sorry. I don’t have that book. :frowning:

Oh, that’s ok! Thanks for your help though! :wink:

Here’s a cute bunny.