Need help on a Debbie Bliss rabbit pattern!

I’ve been all over this forum! I am attempting to make a rabbit from a pattern in “Special Knits” by Debbie Bliss. I am stuck on the “gusset”. If you have made this, or know what I need help w/please respond! If I sound desperate…it’s because I am!

At first, I had problems decreasing on each end like the pattern called:

c/o 22
Knit in st st 6 rows
Continue in st st and decrease each end for the next 8 rows - 6 sts
Pick up and knit 42 st on the shape edge of the gusset

This entire section above has me going grazy. I don’t know which dec st to use for the knit side and the purl side. Further more, which one do I use on the left and right?! :thinking:

I made 2 attempts at the gusset, (slanting edge looks aweful!) and I stopped at “pick up 42 st…” because I didn’t even see if there were 42 stitches on the gusset to even p/u! What am I doing wrong?!

Sorry for the long message. As you can see, I totaly need help! :crying:

okay! I am not exactly sure, since I don’t have the pattern and final product to look at, but here’s what I think…

On the Knit side you’re going to use ktog and ssk
On the purl side, you’re going to use p2tog and ssp

At the beginning of a row, you want a left slanting decrease, so that would be ssk and ssp.

At the end of the row, you want a right slanting decrease, so that would be k2tog and p2tog

That will make your edges look like this: [size=7] [b]/ [/b] [/size]

You can check out amy’s video’s here

Try doing that, and then the PU should/could/might work out (again, i need to see it, so I’m not sure). Are you making the rabit heinie???

Thank you so much. I had posted a bunch of messages similar to this on different forums becuase I was so desperate! You all have been so helpful! And yes…I am making the rump of the rabbit! I realized that quite surprisingly since the pattern really doesn’t specify! :lol: