Need help making a 2 color "twisted" i-cord

Hi, Has anyone every made a 2 color i-cord that is twisted? I need help figuring out how to make it to add to the top edge of a purse I’m making. It’s knit on, not made separately and sewn on later. I’ve seen it on purses, but can’t figure out how it’s done.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Stephanie


It is just one color there, but you might be able to do it in two.

Good luck!

Hi Stephanie,

I’ve just done an applied I-cord on one of Cat Bordhi’s cat baskets. The directions are in her 2nd Treasury with some good pictures. It wasn’t done in two colors, though. What I did was change colors all around, using four or five different colors, but just one at a time.

Basically, you have the last row of stitches still on your needles, add 2 stitches at the start of the row by knitting them on, then knit those 2 stitches plus 1 more (the first main purse stitch). (*Move those just done sts back to your left needle, K2, then K2 tog, knitting the third st together with the 2nd main purse stitch still on your needles), repeat from *).

Just reread your post…it wasn’t “twisted” either… :frowning:

Don’t know if this helped or not…


I haven’t done an applied I-Cord, but here’s how to do a spiral I-cord (it turns out like a barber shop pole and is smooth, with no bump-like cord twisting around it).

[color=red]CO 4

K2[/color] [color=blue]K2[/color] slide to end

[color=blue]K1[/color] [color=red]K2[/color] [color=blue]K1[/color] slide to end

[color=blue]K2[/color] [color=red]K2[/color] slide to end

[color=red]K1[/color] [color=blue]K2[/color] [color=red]K1[/color] slide to end

Repeat these 4 rows until cord is the length you want. And for each first stitch, cross the working yarn over the other color so that the ends stay inside the tube.

[color=green]Here’s[/color] a website with an applied twisted I-Cord, no detailed instructions but some pix in progress, looks like she makes each twist as a separate I-Cord and twists and applies them as she goes along.

Thank you all for your help. Seeing the blog with the photo of a twisted i-cord gives me hope! I can see how I ‘might’ be able to get it to work with 2 colors. The next question is will it stand up to being felted?! :thinking:

I’ve searched for months and no one had ever heard of it and your help has been so invaluable!