Need help interpreting pattern, please

This is my first visit to this website so hope i am doing this the right way? I am trying to knit for the first time a child’s raglan sleeve sweater. I have most of it done but, can’t figure out the front instructions. I have knitted to the 12.5 inches and am starting to do the neck, I guess? It says: “work neck shaping as follows: Work to center 14 sts, attach another ball of yarn and work across row. Working both sides at once, dec 1 st at neck edge every other row 6 times. Continue shaping as for back. bind offf remaining stitches”.
Twice I have knitted to the center 14 stitches and added the other ball of yarn, but am unsure of where the actual neck edge is? The first time I took the 1 stitch off from where the 14 stitches started but it came out with more stitches on one side than the other. The second time I knitted to the center 14 stitches and then tried to dec 1 stitch from the ends of the 14 center stitches. that did not work out either…so, am thinking I need a lot of help with this to figure out how to get it done. it is a size 6 child’s sweater, knitted with Bella Colour yarn. Thank you for any help you can give me???

Does it say to bind off those 14 center stitches?

If not, the 14 center stitches remain unknitted and you work the sides on the stitches on either side of those 14, decreasing at that edge. One thing you can do to help you keep track is to put those 14 stitches on a holder or spare piece of yarn. Then work the decreases on the inside edges of the two sides.

Thank you .I wondered if that is what I should do as I looked at another raglan pattern and that is what they did. I am learning more every day and enjoying it more and more. Thankyou.