Need help in Fairy leaves knit dress by yarninspiration

Hi friends,
I am working on fairy leaves knit dress by Yarninspiration.
I have completed the 12th row and facing right side. Till now the knitting was back and forth. Now the pattern says to join in round and remaining rounds will be worked as Right Side facing. Also the 13th round is given considering right side facing. However after joining I am getting wrong side facing. Where am I going wrong? Any help is appreciated.
P.S. I am totally new to circular knitting. Is there any way we can join in opposite direction? I am joining with working yarn on my right needle. Also I am unable to upload the pattern for reference. :frowning:
Here is the link to the pattern

You’ve just completed row 12, a WS row. Turn so that the RS is facing and work across row 13. When you get to the end of row 13, do not turn. Join to the first stitch in the row. That way, the RS will be facing for the following rounds.
Don’t worry about uploading the pattern. The link is just fine.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. So I have to knit row 13 like I was knitting earlier - back and forth. And after completing row 13, I have to join for circular knitting. Is it correct? Because as per my understanding, the pattern says to join before 13th row (or after completing row 12).

Yes, just knit across row 13 as given. Don’t turn at the end to knit back. Make the join as suggested above.

If you literally follow the directions, you would have to knit with the WS facing or knit along the inside of the tube or circle…

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