Need help in amigurumi pattern!


I’m Chrys and I am new on crocheting…I found this nice pattern but I don’t understand what this means:[3 sc,repeat 3 times(2sc,inc)]repeat 2 times…Can someone help me?
Thank you!


Maybe @okckwilter @OffJumpsJack or @WhampusKitty can offer a solution.


What pattern are you using? Can you tell us what the rows immediately before and after say to do?

More pattern info would help but are you sure that’s exactly how the problem row is written? I can’t tell if “3 sc, repeat 3 times” means 3 sc in the next stitch repeated 3 times? However the 3 sc are worked, it’s followed by (2 sc, increase). The whole thing in the [brackets] is repeated twice.


This is a very odd way to write a pattern.
If there are no missing astericks or other punctuation then one might interpret it as follows:
[single crochet in the next 9 stitches, two single crochet in the next stitch (an increase)] repeat between the square brackets twice.
(Note that this would use 20 sts but make 22 sts.)
(3sc in the next st, repeat for 3 sts then 2sc increase in the next st) repeat between the parenthesis twice.
(Note that this would use 8sts but make 11 sts.)

These instructions for reading anmigurumi may help.


Thank you for replying l!all of you!
This is the pattern I’m using and it’s so difficult to understand what exactly means by saying this…


Stitch counts help!

Was this about round 5 of the muzzle? If so…

R4 ends with (24 sts.)
R5: (3 SC, (2sc, inc.)x3 )x2 (to end with 30 sts)

Would expand to the following:
3SC, 2SC, Inc, 2SC, Inc, 2SC, Inc, 3SC, 2SC, Inc, 2SC, Inc, 2SC, Inc. (30 sts)
It uses 3+2+1+2+1+2+1 + 3+2+1+2+1+2+1 =24; makes 3+2+2+2+2+2+2 + 3+2+2+2+2+2+2 =30.

Note: Inc means 2 SC in the next single stitch.

This uses 24 sts and increase 6 sts for a total of 30 sts at the end of R5.