Need Help + Idea

I would like to knit something for my girlfriend who is having a little boy in September. What types of things would be a nice gift to make for someone? Blankets of course! But what else? And where can I find a nice beginner/intermediate pattern?

Well if it is her first I liked getting things that the baby could wear later. Like a 6 mo sweater. I even got a couple of outfits that wear at the 18mo size. I liked those best as there is always plenty of the little tiny size that they grow out of in weeks and then you have to start buying all over again. With winter coming I never had enough hats. I had one kid who lost ahat with each outing as a baby. I swear I thought she was tossing them over the baby carrier!:shrug:

Toys are also great. Like Kate on might be fun if you did her in blue, but there are a lot of things out there. One of the S&B books has a knitted rockstar.

Personally I like baby booties. They are easy to knit, and go quickly. You can knit several sizes so the baby can wear them as they get bigger.

Great web site for baby patterns (and patterns in getneral)
Go to and click on the tab that says “free patterns” then scorll down to baby section. Good luck

I really like these. They look like they were made for a boy.