Need help for baby socks!

With pair of needles, cast on 5 (7) sts.
1st row: (WS). Knit.
2nd row: K1. M1. Knit to last st. M1. K1.
3rd row: Knit.
Rep last 2 rows 4 times more. 15 (17) sts.
Cont in garter st (knit every row) until
work form beg measures 3 (3½) ins [7.5
(9) cm], ending with a WS row.
Next row: (RS). K1. ssk. Knit to last 3 sts.
K2tog. K1.
Next row: Knit.
Rep last 2 rows 4 times more. 5 (7) sts.
Do not cast of .

Change to set of 4 double-pointed needles.
1st rnd: K5 (7). Pick up and knit 43
(49) sts around edge of Sole. Join, placing
marker for beg of rnd and dividing sts [/U]
evenly on 3 needles. 48 (56) sts.[/B][/U][/COLOR]

Hello everyone… first time here. I am planning to knit this sock and have trouble understanding when it comes to upper section. the pattern asks us to change to dpns and knit 5, then pick up 43. Can anyone explain this transition? thanks for your help.

Hi and welcome!
You’re going to knit the bottom of the foot, the sole first and finish with 5 (or 7 sts) on the needle depending on the size you’re making. Knit the 5sts and then pick up 43sts around the edge of the sole. So pick up sts along one side edge (the end of the rows just knit), across the cast on edge and then along the other side edge (the other end of the rows) and finally join to knit in the round with the final 5sts. It’s as though you’re picking up sts around the sole of a shor to knit the upper part.
Best to edit the pattern to leave out the final instructions after the red so we don’t get into copyright problems. We can understand the pattern with just the beginning instructions.

thanks for your reply… I am pretty sure I’ll have more doubts as I start this… I am a beginner and hopefully get to do this…

You can do it. We’ll all be glad to help. Come back with any questions, anytime.