Need help finishing

Hello all, I am a newbie here and a beginning knitter. I am tryin to make a hat from a pattern and really just can not under stand what this is saying to me.

“Cut a 14” tail of yarn, thread a yarn needle with it. Carefully pull the last row of knitting from the needle and thread the needle through every stitch. Pull tightly then whip stitch the seam shut. "

I cut the 14" tail of yarn but don’t know how to “thread the yarn needle” and all the rest. It could be because I am up late, but it is really bugging me when I know it is something so easy. Can someone break it down for me? I have looked everywhere but can not find anything that is helping me.

A yarn needle is like a tapestry needle. You know a big sewing needle with a blunt tip and a very large eye. When I have to do something like this I thread my needle and use it as a Knitting needle to slip the stitchs off the right hand needle on to the 14" yarn, Instead of pulling out the needle and then trying to pick the stitches up. Once all the stitches are on the yarn just pull the end of the 14" piece and the stitches will gather up to make the center crown of the hat. Then you just whip stitch or do what ever stitch you want to close the hole up and to keep it from coming undone.

I wouldn’t do it exactly the way it says. I don’t ever,

Carefully pull the last row of knitting from the needle…
Taking the stitches off the knitting needle just makes your life harder.

You have cut the 14 inch tail. Now thread it onto a tapestry (big dull sewing needle with a big eye) needle. Now hold the knitting needle with the stitches on it in your left hand (I’m assuming you are right handed, but it would work anyway) and the threaded needle in your right hand. Run the tapestry needle into the first stitch as you would if you were going to purl, now let it come off the end of the knitting needle and onto the tapestry needle. Keep working the stitches off the knitting needle and onto the tapestry needle. When you have a few done you can pull the sewing needle up a ways and let the stitches go down to the yarn tail. Work all the stitches off of the needle and onto the tail of yarn.

When you have all the stitches secured by running the yarn through them, you pull the stitches up snug against each other. This will make the very top of the hat. Then use the rest of the tail to sew the seam up.

That’s how I always do it as well. Do NOT remove the needle first. That only makes it twice as hard for you to get the tapestry needle through them. Good luck!

Ok I think I understand this now. Thank you all so much! I will be on here more often.