Need help finding this specific pattern

a few days ago i found a pattern while i was at work and i was positive that i printed out a copy of the pattern but now i can’t find it anywhere.
it is for a ripple type afghan written by a lady for a friend of her’s. i can’t remember where i found it and i’ve been looking for it for 2 days and i cant find it :frowning: do you guys know what i’m talking about???

Do you remember the colors of the afghan in the picture? Was it one you saw here on KH?

How about checking the “history” on your browser?

I do that all the time too, remember seeing something somewhere on some site, thinking I bookmarked or printed it, but nooooooo, then I can’t find it again.

i can’t remember anything about it except it was named after a lady. i’ve seen it more then once too before but i can’t remember where. man i hate that!

yayyyyyyyyyy i found it :slight_smile: i had the copy in my yarn stash looool.

Which one is it? We’re all dying to know! LOL

loooool I realize now that maybe I should have posted the link loool. here it is.