Need help finding Linux penguin pattern

I found this pattern and made the mistake of showing it to my husband. The pattern for this cute little Linux penguin is halfway down the page. But I’m a very peculiar person. The stomach and the eyes and feet are all made from felt. I would love it if he could be full knit. I figured out the stomach and the feet but the eyes…I’m having issues making them…so then I thought maybe I could just knit them into the pattern with Inarsia or Duplicate but I’m so not good at this. I’m hoping that somewhere out there, there’s a different pattern for this that has the color changes already in the pattern…

Thank you in advance.

OK, so I think ‘oh gosh, there’s someone else here this week working on this same project - le me go find their posts about it and see who it is.’ It was you! Laughing at myself - :rofl: :rofl:

I did find a crochet one for sale thru ravelry - you’d have to join first if you’re not already a member.

Then I found this:

Lol…as I was reading that I was like…oh no! That’s me! Lol. So as you can tell, I’m having a very hard time with this project. The Pasha wouldn’t work because it doesn’t look like the Right penguin…lol. But…I love the little crochet one on ravelry. Of course my husband doesn’t like it as much as the knitting one…but maybe I can buy the pattern and try to modify it. Thank you!

LOL Since you’re already on ravelry, do a ‘penguin’ search if you haven’t already. Lots of penguins to look at, you might find one you can modify, or sections of others that willh help you out with the bittersweet blog one you started. In fact, there were 11 projects from that website’s design.

Thanks again! Lol…I just did the search and it came up with 160 penguin patterns…I’m sure there has to be at lease ONE that comes close enough to modify. I only need the eyes and maybe the beak depending on how different they differ to my pattern. The body and tummy and feet are pretty cute the way they are. So :fingers crossed:…

Ok…I didn’t find one…:frowning: But…there are so many cute penguin patterns that I’m not too hurt…I’ll just make one of those…the fuzzy one is so adorable!

I don’t have a knit design, but I do have an embroidery file (.dst & .pes) for linux penguin. Plus the Apache server feather, and the Suse, thing, whatever that is - all Linux.
Good luck with the Penguie (My late, great Cocker Spaniel’s favorite toy was a penguin - aka “penguie” (pronounced “PEN-GWEE”) <vbg>

Did you design the embroider one? Or find it on a website? Maybe I can do something like that for my Hubby…because so far, not good with finding one…and I already spent way too much unsuccessful time trying to design it. What’s upsetting is the only problem I have is the eyes. I probably should just frog it and remake it with the felt like the pattern says…but I really don’t want to do that…lol.