Need help finding a pattern w/ a certain pic

Hmm, I thought I had already posted this question here, but I guess not :?? … I can’t find it, so I’ll put it up again, sorry if this sounds a little familiar!

I’m looking for a pattern (any beanie/scarf/easy for a beginner pattern) that has a picture of the “Moon Goddess” symbol. Because I still don’t know how to get pics up (sorry!), I’ll try to describe it as best I can… It’s simple, just 2 crescent moons on either side of a full moon. It looks somewhat like this: )O(

I don’t really expect to find any patterns, but I thought I’d give the forum a shot and see if any of you ladies (and/or gentlemen) have seen anything like that floating around anywhere. :pray: Anything will be appreciated :smiley:

If I don’t find one, is there any way I could figure out how to make it myself?

Thanks in advance! (and again, sorry if I’ve already posted this question… if i have, it seems to have disappeared on me…)

I came up with a few pagan craft sites – though most of what I found were cross stitch charts. With a little fiddling, I bet it would translate well enough to intarsia or filet crochet or something.

Cauldron Crafts

Stitch Witch Circle

Lots of Witchy cross stitch

Or here’s a place where you can get some blank knitter’s graphs to print and you could try to come up with your own.

There are a lot more places around… none with a free triple moon pattern that I could find in a cursory glance though.

Hope that helps. :smiley:

Thank youuu!! Yes, they did help a lot. I don’t know if I’m not looking in the right places or what, but I never seem to find the things I’m looking for when I search for patterns. :??

I’ll keep on looking-- I don’t mind paying for a pattern, just as long as its not ridiculously priced.

Thanks again :smiley:

:thinking: Just to see if i could find anything i tried a google image search for “moon goddess” and came up with 5,310 different images, you could try converting on of those to a knit pattern, there is a only one thing hit for “moon goddess” cross-stitch, it looks like an asian woman sitting on a waning quarter moon. the web site where you can buy the pattern is here: hope it works out for you, have fun.

I found this picture at

To make a chart, I would copy thr picture to my computer and then go to
Grid size regular
Knit portrait
Bowse: (where ever you put the picture… just click the button and scroll to find it)

I hope that helps!

You guys are GREAT! I did the whole converting it to a chart thing, the only thing left to do is learn how to read one lol. But theres a first time for everything!!

Thanks again :smiley: :happydance:

If you are doing it in stst

Odd number rows are knit and you read them right to left

Even number rows are purl and you read them left to right.

You may have to outline your chart with a pencil to make it more even. I always have to.

Hope that helps.

Merry Be!

I happened across these this morning and immediately thought of this thread.

These are crochet, but some of them – like the filet crochet charts – could probably be converted to knitting without too much trouble.

Pentacle Motif Squares

Triple Moon Bookmark

Goddess Shawls - first one has a triple moon/horned god motif.

Oh wow !!! Thanks so much for sharing! I just felted a purse with a pentacle on it and I ended up using a piece of graph paper, a cereal bowl, and a ruler lol !!! That will come in handy!! :blooby: