Need help de-ciphering pattern

Hello all,

After a long break from knitting this pattern for a baby’s cardigan, I am returning to it. Said baby has now been born and I need to finish before she outgrows the damn thing. My head is a mess and I could use some of your sage advice.

My pattern is for Left Front and says “Work as for right front*, rev shaping”. What does rev shaping, mean? *Right front instruction says “Work in g st inc on right edge 2 stitches from edge every 2 rows”.

I don’t understand the instruction. Does this make any sense and can anyone help?



Hi Fleur, it just means to reverse the shapings. If you worked the right front shaping at the beginning of the row then it will be at the end of the row for the left side (or vice versa)
Good luck with your project :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks for replying notknittingknots, I’m sorry but you are talking to a complete novice, I’m still lost, I’m afraid.

When I knitted the Right Front it said "Work in g st inc on right edge 2 stitches from the edge, every 2 rows”. I took this to mean that I increase on the right-hand side of the row, 2 stitches from the edge. Now I’m worried this actually meant on the right side of the knitting (as opposed to the wrong side). If this is the case, was I meant to increase at the beginning of the row, or the end? I can’t actually tell which side is the right/wrong side of the knitting, they both look exactly the same to me. I obviously need to know if the Right front is correct before I know what to reverse for the Left Front. Have I don’t both the right and left fronts wrong?

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.


What part of the front are you on that you are making increases, is it the first half before starting the underarm ?
Look at your completed right front, see where the underarm decreases begin (if it helps,hold the piece against your right side with the underarm area to your underarm to work out RS/WS and put a safety pin/marker/scrap of wool to mark the RS for later on), are the increases you are working on now on the edge that meets at the center or are they at the edge that goes under the arm.Whichever side they are on, you will do the opposite for the left front.
Hope this helps,