Need help converting arm warmer pattern from flat to round

Hello wise knitters :slight_smile:

I’m new to the forum, but have been using the site for quite a while now and I have a question.

I am going to be knitting some arm warmers for my sister in law for Christmas and I found a pattern that I just love, but I want to knit it in the round.

Here is the pattern link. She has them set to knit on size 8 straights (pattern is for a guy), and I was thinking of knitting them on my size 5 dpn’s (they’re the only dpn’s I have at the moment, and my SIL has very slender arms).

I’ve read that you subtract 4 stitches to make up for the seam allowance, does that mean I would subtract two stitches at the beginning, and two stitches at the end of every row/round?

And then the odd rows I would have to do backwards in order, and also opposite in stitching (k instead of p the row/round).
All the cable work is done on odd numbered rows, so it seems like that makes it easier as far as converting.

Thanks in advance, I am so excited about this pattern; I may end up knitting a pair for myself when I’m done with hers! :inlove:

Subtracting 4 sts for the seam allowance is for sweaters which have 4 edges to be seamed together. This will have only 2 edges, so you would subtract only sts. All the even numbered rows seem to be just purl, so you would knit them. Have fun!