Okay, I have tried to use this yarn to make my youngest ds a sweater. I have cast on and frogged at least 4 times. This is what happens EVERY time, no matter where on the yarn I start casting on:

It is a little hard to see in the photos b/c there is only about 5 rows there, but regardless of where in the colorway I start, it always ends up with light red in the middle of every row creating a vertical line, sometimes a circle of light red. It is seriously making me crazy. Here is the label, if I can’t get a sweater for a small person out of it, what else can I do with 3 balls of it? (It was clearanced at my LYS so there aren’t any more to make something bigger, etc)

Now, I have no idea if this is relevant, but I have some self striping type yarn that says for best results to use two balls, alternating rows. I haven’t done that, but maybe since you have a problem, you could do two rows with one ball and two with another?

That is a great suggestion, maybe I’ll try that. I wonder what will happen when I get to the sleeves with only one ball left?

Aw, jeez, maybe you’ll have to buy more. Or you could roll it into smaller balls.

It was clearanced so my LYS doesn’t have any more. But they might have it in another color…hmmmmm…

I am going to have to do the “knit each alternating row with a different ball of yarn” thingy with my DHs camo socks when I restart them again after the holidays. What I would do if I only had one ball left would be to roll it into the centre-pull ball {thanks SO much for that video Amy!!!} and work off of the centre and outside of the ball at once… clear as mud?

Just a thought, but what would happen if you added just a few more stitches? Would 3 or 4 additional stitches help offset it? You may still end up with some pooling, but maybe not as bad? Or maybe make her the next size up (you can never make kids clothes too big - they grow too fast!) Some sizes do that.

Actually, I ended up doing the opposite and using less stitches, it kept coming out way too big anyway and just a few less stitches solved my problem. I’ll take pics and post them in the morning. Thanks for all the help!!!

I think that’s just the nature of that yarn…and, when you knit more, the whole piece will be unevenly colored, adding to the design! I think its gonna be gorgeous!!

yep, I think it’s kind of hard to tell with so little of it knitted…it could turn out to be just gorgeous! The alternating 2 skiens thing though is an easy solution.