Need Help ,again !

I decided to try and knit a dribble bib, thinking it would be easy…NOT. The pattern i am using is Baby Bandana Bib by Sophie Halford (Ravelry) .I am on the “split row for straps”. co 10 sts, I turned my work ,co the 10 sts and turned my work back.??Not sure if that was done right ?
Now it says to move sts for right strap onto st holder (how many??) Not sure if i am missing something or just stupid. I just wanted something simple to knit. Can someone help me ??

It’s easy to go wrong sometimes for all of us.
Knit 1, Kfb, Knit 13, Cast off 10 stitches, Knit to last 2 stitches, Kfb, Knit 1.
This is all worked in one row with no turn needed. Work across to the cast off sts, cast off, then continue with the row to the end. From here on you’ll be working one side of the bib, the one on the knitter’s left not the baby’s as the pattern says. So continue with the strap where you yarn strand is and ignore the first strap for now.

Well, i am stupid ! I was reading it as a “Cast On” ,not cast off. That makes more sense.I struggled with this for the last day ,Thank you so much. Now I really feel dumb.

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No need to feel stupid! Misreading patterns is easy and I think you’ve not been knitting long. Cut yourself some slack and enjoy the ride.

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I often think CO is the most confusing commonly used abbreviation. It probably catches most of us at one time or another.
Enjoy finishing up the bib!

Thanks for the support. I have gone back to the bandana bib and it is coming along nicely. I should have read and re read the pattern before starting .I just didn’t think a babies bib/dribble bib would be difficult.Lesson hopefully learned but i suspect i will need help again and thank you for that !!