Need help adding blade to helmet

Hi, everyone! I’m following a pattern for a knitted knight’s helmet beanie, and I’m having a really hard time understanding how to start the “blade” on the back of the helmet. Specifically, I don’t understand how to pick up stitches from two different rows onto one needle. The part I can’t comprehend is below; can anyone help me out? Thanks!:

“With MC, using the set of small needles, start at the stitch marker in round 1 of the decrease rounds and working towards the bottom edge of the hat; **pick up the ladder of the stitch(running stitch), *skip the next ladder, pick up the next ladder, repeat from * until you have a total of 19sts, pick up 2 ladders above the stitch marker. Move over one stitch and repeat from **, you will now have 2 rows next to each other.
Starting with the bottom of the hat on the right, using size 7 needles, pick up and knit through the back loop of the 42sts from both rows completing round 1.”

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It looks like you need to pick up the sts on a set of double pointed needles in order to work in the round. You could use magic loop or 2 circulars. Depending on the size of the beanie, you might be able to use a very small circular.

What is the name of the pattern?

Thanks for the feedback! The pattern calls for both circular and double pointed needles but didn’t specify which to use for this part of the beanie. I originally tried circular and failed horribly, so maybe I need to look more into how to use dpn. I’m just really stuck on how you would pick up stitches from two separate rows. The name of the pattern is “Sir Knight Helmet” by Martina Gardner, I bought it on Etsy. Here are some pics of the pertinent parts of the pattern/project.
image image image

I really appreciate any additional thoughts you or others may have!

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Very clever helmet design!
You’re picking up the ladder between 2 columns of knit sts then skipping over a column and repeating the process. If you’re familiar with magic loop, that’ll work.
Here’s a video for picking up sts in the ladder.

and here’s one for working with 2 circulars.

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Thank you so much!