Need free pattern for 3-6 months Aran Sweater

Hi Everyone,
It has been a while since I posted here & missed reading all the wonderful threads. I’m so glad I’m back!:cheering: I just became a Grandma to 2 beautiful baby boys…:inlove: Two of my daughters gave birth 4 days within each other…so, as you can imagine, I’m very busy. One daughter lives with me & all of those crazy middle of the night feedings came right back to me as if it were yesterday & I was a new mom again:)
I plan on getting busy making an Aran cardigan for one grandson using Plymouth Encore worsted weight yarn. I actually made the baby a smaller version of the Aran afghan I made my daughter for her bridal shower. I’m using an off white color yarn to depict the true aran look, but with the advantage of machine washing the sweater. My request is for a pattern I can download free (of course). I do have a pattern from a McCalls knitting magazine from back in the 70’s, but the sweater has a collar. If possible I’d like to knit the sweater with a round neck…it will cut down on the bulkiness around the neck.
While the girls were pregnant I made buntings for the babies…they were so quick to make…garter stitch throughout & the wonderful part is that the designer included the opening for the car seat belt between the legs & an attached hood. Excellent! :thumbsup:
I appreciate any suggestions on the hunt for a pattern…
Thanks fellow knitters…:hug:

Can I have the pattern for the bunting with the car seat opening or is it in a book?

Trellis is a wonderful (and free :)) aran cardigan pattern. I used the cable chart to make a matching hat too – so cute!

Yes, please let us know where you got the pattern. I’d love to have it, too.

Agree about Trellis…it’s adorable!

There’s a pattern for a bunting (with the strap opening) in [I]The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Kid Knits.[/I] It’s the very last pattern in the book.

Thanks, Julie. I just want to file the info away for when I do have grandkids. :wink:

Thank you Julie for the Aran sweater pattern…:hug: I love it & will give it a try…also, that is the exact pattern I used for the bunting for the babies. One is made in a wedgewood blue color with off white ribbing & the other is in a deep green, also with off white ribbing. I purchased 7 different animal buttons as a finishing touch.
I will be starting the sweater today…:cheering: