Need donations - Girl Scout Gold Award Preemie hats project


I am in high school working towards my Girl Scout gold award project - donating preemie hats to the Christ Evert Children’s Hospital in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

My gold award project is due next year in April and this will be an ongoing project thereafter.

The premature children are very much in need of tiny hats (the size of an organ or grapefruit) to keep their head warm. Families visit their babies every time they can after work and often bring their siblings along:hug: . It is a difficult period for them, as their premature babies stay often for longer months in the hospital.
Family members and nurses will be very grateful with all your donations and I need to make sure that my Girl Scout project gets accomplished.

Please contact me for instructions on how to send your donations.

I look forward to all help. Thank you in advance, Valeria