Need desperate help with knitting very first sock, please

:XX: Hello everyone, My name is Melissa.I have been knitting for only 5 yrs now and was wondering if anyone could please help me with this teensy problem? :thinking: I just started knitting my very first sock this past Thursday. Thought it was going great, that is until I saw a How-to tutorial on Now I just know I am not doing this sock right.
I made a 2 1/2 inch cuff like my LYS sock pattern said to, and then it said to do Stockinette st for about 9 inches. Well, I do not want to make huge socks.
I am just wondering, am I supposed to make the cuff, and then start immediately on the heel flap next, with no plain stockinette stitching anywhere from the cuff to the heel?
Or can I do the cuff and then do Stockinette stitch for about 8 or 9 inches and then do the heel flap?
I would appreciate anyone’s help on this as I am now going to have to frog :oops: what I have(2 1/2" cuff and about 4" in stockinette st), even though I do not want to rripppittt.
If anyone can help me with this, you can email me at Thank you all sincerely, Melissa M.

Melissa, it just depends what length of a sock you want!! I am making two pairs of socks right now - one of them is about 1.5" of ribbing, followed by 5" of stockinette before starting the heel flap. It is not an extraordinarily long sock, by any stretch of the imagination, actually I wish I had made it longer. 8-9" total, including cuff, in my opinion is a good length for a sock. If you want an ankle sock, make it a lot shorter, it all depends on your preference. There is no wrong answer!!!

I’d hate for you to rip out what you’ve done, especially since it sounds like the makings of a perfectly fine sock, especially for your first! Keep at it and see how it comes out, then you’ll know for next time what you liked and didn’t like about it.

Good luck!!


Thank you so much knitqueen. Name suits you very well. I just woke up and was going to start froggin’ it, but decided to check my messages and luckily found yours. So with the 4 to 5" stockinette sts I have already done I am going to do about 2 or 3 more inches and then start the heel flap.
I cannot believe that I have not been knitting that long, but have seen other knitters socks they have knit and mine is shocking me how they look too. :shock:
But thank you so much, you just pulled my sock and I out of the froggin’ pond. :roflhard:
And now on to the rest of the sock knitting. I am taking it fairly slow with my first pair here and just know the LYS lady that helped me buy the yarn,dpn’s and pattern is wondering how I am getting along with it. I cannot wait to show her this Mon. or Tues. on my days off.
LYS even said if I want to that I can even go in and sit for awhile to knit with the ladies. Loving this hobby even more. I told my mother I am going to hopefully get these done soon and I plan on bringing some yarn and needles with me in Nov. when I go to see my parents in South Carolina for my vacation for 2 weeks. I should be up to speed by then and hope to knit mom and dad both a pair while visiting them. Wish me luck. Even though this is knitting, I told my mother I am “hooked” on this craft.
Thank you again knitqueen. You are a lifesaver :cheering: . Melissa M.

Melissa, If you are like the rest of use that enjoy knitting socks…you will very quickly become addicted :smiley:

:XX: I am already addicted to knitting socks, because I am going to work in a half an hour and am already thinking what color sock yarn I am going to be buying tomorrow (my next 2 days off). Yummy. Cannot wait. Maybe I will knit my oldest son(21 yo today) a blue pair. He likes blue. And my youngest (19yo) I can make him a mixture with red in them. That is it, I would say I am addicted. Hope tonight flies by at the job. And I know I will not sleep at all tonight just waiting for the LYS to open tomorrow. :roflhard: Well , gotta get to work and continue knitting that first sock. Ta-ta for now. Melissa Thanks for writing.

pigeonz, you talk as if knitting itself is a new hobby to you, but you said you’d been knitting for 5 years. Was that a typo, or are you indicating that knitting socks is the new hobbie? :??