Need Baby Bootie HELP!

Hi All!!!

I started making booties for a new cousin that will be here any day now. The problem is that the pattern I’m following seems to make a bootie too small for a newborn. It looks like it would actually fit a doll not a real newborn.

Is there any patterns I can follow for easy booties but for REAL babies?

I’m actually using a worsted weight yarn instead of Sport. I’m trying to match the booties with the blanket I did.

**** By the way, I did a knitted baby cap and It seems like I have the same problem. Too small, any suggestions?

Babies are actually very small, so you might be surprised!! I remember having store bought ‘newborn’ sized caps for my first son that looked so tiny, but his teeny little head was just swimming in them.

Does the bootie pattern you’re using have finished measurements with it??

I think that using worsted instead of sport weight is a good way to make the bootie a bit bigger. That, and maybe going up a needle size from what is recommended.

Also here (pdf file) is a lovely bootie pattern that I’ve always admired but have yet to try.

Thank you for your help and suggestion. I was actually going to just add on more stitches but definitely going up in needle size can help.

Thank you for letting me know!!!

I had to chuckle when I read this, because everything I make for newborns is too big! :teehee:

The booties I make are suitable for toddlers. :rofl:

There ARE patterns for preemies so make sure the one you have is for newborns.

There are a ton of patterns here, just do a search for baby booties.

I made this one for my sister’s baby and it fitted perfect when she was 2 months, used the large size with needles 5mm.

I have pictures of it finished in my blog… this is the link