Need an extremely stretchy rib cast on?

Twisted Long Tail, worked in K’s & P’s

This one is new to me and maybe someone else. My practice sample was stretchier than the 1x1 rib I worked with it. It llooks nice IMO.

I also like the Buttonhole cast on from her. Super stretchy and a single cast on so no need to worry about running out of tail!

Sometimes I get curious about cast ons and have to go try another one. lol The buttonhole cast on is another I want to use.

Agreed! I found the buttonhole one because I was trying to find an alternative to the look you get with long-tail (my favorite being German twisted) because it just looked awful with the stitch pattern I was using in the brim of this one hat design. Buttonhole blended right in and was perfect in that case. But it was so simple and quick I’ve just started using it on everything.

(I’m playing again, though, because I have a pattern coming out from Malabrigo yarn next year(!) that needs to have matching cast on and bind off. Not as easy to do as I’d like!)

Mondo page of COs and BOs for anyone else who wants to play. Same lady as in the previously mentioned videos.

OMG you’re as bad as I am. I visit that page all too often. Dang! I clicked on it, can I just close it out now? :roflhard:

Have you tried the open and closed long tail she has in one of the videos with multiple long tail variations? I like that one. The stretchy twisted one done is rib is cool too. So many cast ons, so little time.

No - but I’m sure I will. I need to try more of the ones that work with 2x2 ribbing since I sometimes use that in hats. I find myself more eager to get going on the hat than in taking the time to find just the right cast on first. :wink:

I like a provisional cast on for the rib on a hat. I work the rib, do a turning row and then knit an outer band. When the band is the right width I fold it and knit the held stitches together with the outer band stitches and go my merry knitting way for the rest of the hat. Oh yeah, I have to change to a larger needle, but you’d figure that one out easy enough.