Need an Adult hat

Well I really want to make a hat since i don’t have one and it’s cold and I really can’t put off not having one anymore. My dilemma is that a lot of the patterns i find i’m required to use DPN. I’m fine with that but I can’t seem to find them in the size in need them. Another issues was that I would try and follow a flat hat pattern, but i haven’t found any hats that i care for. So I guess…is there a hat that i can use a circular needle and get away with 4 DPN?

I think this may be a confusing post…if so please let me know and i will try and clarify. Thanks sooo much.

Certainly you can use circular needles. Most knitters will say you HAVE to use a 16", but I knit hats on 24" needles using a modified magic loop. You can also use a size 29-36" needle with the full or modified ML. Videos for that can be found in Advanced Techniques under Small Diameter knitting; the modified is shown here - Modified Magic Loop

OMG thank you so much that was a big help!!