Need Advice - Sewing Seams with Bulky Yarn

Hi everyone!

I’m in the process of making a sweater with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn. When it comes time to sew the seams, do I split the threads of the yarn in order to get it into a needle? It’s very thick. Thanks!

Some people use a finer weight yarn of a matching color (or at least one that will blend in with the Wool ease) to sew up the seams. Alternatively, you can use embroidery floss which comes in a variety of colors and tones to sew seqms.

Thanks very much!

You could unply the yarn and use that, cut in about 2 foot lengths before splitting it; or use a thinner yarn in a color that blends in well.

Hi! Thanks, another good idea and one I may use as I don’t want to have to buy more of anything I already have.

I recently made fingerless gloves/wristlets for my sister out of LB Thick & Quick. It really does not like to un-ply. Really.

If you have any, I’d suggest using the regular-weight Wool-Ease (worsted) or another lighter-weight yarn by the same manufacturer–there’s a higher probability of matching the colors, or at least the same color [B]family[/B].


You know DogCatMom (love the name!) you’re right. You [I]can[/I] unply it but it becomes soft fluffy and not at all strong enough. Good tip about the Wool-Ease worsted.

Yeah, not all yarn unplys easily. The one I did is Caron SS which is pretty loosely spun, so it wasn’t too difficult.