Need advice for sizing on FO

I finished the tube top I began in the hospital. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit so well :frowning:

The gauge called for is 13×20 in st st and 18×22 in 2×2 rib. I chose the 36″ bust (smaller than what I needed) based on previous experience. Although I did not use exactly the same yarn, my gauge was 14×20 which over the 122 cast on stitches should have taken the measurement down to 35 1/4″ or so. My 2×2 gauge was 16×22 which is a little off, but the whole purpose of rib is stretch anyway, so I wasn’t worried about that part at all. Oh, and I did knit it in the round instead of flat, but since the gauge was basically on, I didn’t think that was a problem.

I can’t believe the top part is too big! I even tried wet blocking which can make things bigger, but what I hoped to do what stretch it out lengthwise a bit so that the width would shrink. Guess I wasn’t aggressive enough with stretching the length because if anything, it seems just a little bigger in the width. Arrgh! Normally I wouldn’t mind giving this to someone else, but i REALLY like it and :frog: is just not an option.

Advice, suggestions??? Maybe I could put a peice of elastic in the top? If so, what would be the best way to do it? Maybe I could pick up stitches along the top knit 2-3 rows then fold where I picked up the stitches to make a little tube for the elastic? Afraid that might look dumb though.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Chunky Cashmerino:
Composition: 55% Merino wool, 33% Microfibre, 12%
Weight and yardage: Approx. 82 yards / 75m per 50g
Wash: 30°C gentle wool cycle
US 11 / 7.5mm

If I wet and then dry it do I risk too much shrinkage?

Odd that it’s too big! My only suggestion is putting elastic in the top–I did that on my Lelah and it looks fine and stays up well! I would just pick up stitches and knit enough that you can fold it over elastic. Or if you can undo the bind off it might look nicer if you don’t have a seam at the top that could be caused from picking up stitches.

Hope you can make it fit, it looks pretty!

I would love to be able to undo the bind off, but I forgot to mention it was knit from the top down. I will probably end up doing the elastic unless someone tells me they think shrinking in the dryer will work.

Would it be possible to go back in the ribbing with something like Inox’s invisible knitting elastic thread?
If no other way, weave it in in an orderly (ribbing-like) fashion with your tapestry needle…I’m sorry, I can’t explain exactly the way that I am thinking about this… :thinking:

Or… do you have any yarn left so that you can knit up a gauge to see how it would shrink in the dryer?

:doh: ahhh…now that is a great idea! I do have more of this yarn.