Need advice for hat measurement


I’m trying to knit my daughter a hat. I want to just knit a tube and then close the top so it looks like horns (she’s two, she deserves them) and then finish it with tassels or something. She has a 19" noggin and I’m going to do all stockinette with a bamboo/wool yarn. With that rolled edge, how much stretch should I allow for? I eed to swatch again, I’m having trouble getting a good gauge in the round, as usual.

When I DO get a gauge, should I just divide for 19" or should I make it a little tighter? I’ve looked for hours on Ravelry and can’t find an example to use.



If you use a stretchy CO, you should probably make it an inch or so smaller. Hats stretch pretty well, but only to the limits of the CO.

Use any baby hat pattern that would fit, but don’t do the decreases. That seems like it would work.

I guess I was just looking for advice on how many inches I should cast on for. I’m knitting 6 sts/1" on #6’s and I don’t know if I should cast on for 18" or 17.5 or what. I think I’m looking for info on negative ease. I think I will try for an inch like suzeq said and see where that gets me.

You only need to knit for about 3-4" to see if that will be okay, so if that’s not the right size, you can start over easily.

Thanks, that’s a good thought. I already knit a whole hat for her and it’s like a beanie on her. I’m just wanting this one to work out, it’s getting so cold here!!


Try it on as you are ‘think’ you are nearly done and you can tell if you need to knit more so it’s not beanie like.

Jan in CA and suzeeq, thank you so much for the advice! I did what both of you said and it’s almost done, it’s really cute and I’m pretty sure it’s going to fit. She moves pretty fast and is a little devil so she won’t try the hat on because she knows I want her to. I got it on her enough that I’m pretty sure it’s the right size. I’ll post a pic when it’s done.

Thanks so much again!!! :muah: