Need a VERY simple blanket/afghan pattern

I already checked on knittingpatterncentral and didn’t find what I’m looking for. I want to knit a blanket for DH. He wants it in 2 colors (grey and blue). He’d be fine if I just knit the whole thing in garter stitch, but I’d like to do something a smidge less plain than that. I just need a really simple pattern that would work with 2 colors. And nothing with yarn overs/decreases. He doesn’t like the holes that creates.

how bout this one?

I saw that one. It’s nice, but I’d really prefer something I don’t have to sew together. I’m lazy like that.

what about doing it all in garter, BUT doing it diagonal, co 3 and make one at each end every two rows and then when it’s as wide as you wat it then start decreasing…there’s lots of dishcloth patterns like this.

What about the log cabin style ones?

jberry16, do you have a link to a pattern that does this? I’d like to check it out.

gardenmommy, what is a log cabin style one?

I’ve made a blanket like this and was trying to get you to a link on Lion Brand’s website but it isn’t working for me! :wall: If you can get in there, under the baby section there is one called the “4 hour bias baby afghan”. It does have a border on the outside (with YOs) but you could easily omit that and just increase on the ends until the diagonal is long enough and then decrease from there. If you used the two different colors it would look awesome with diagonal stripes.

I hope this helps - sorry I couldn’t get to the link, Lion Brand is against me today!

Here’s a basic square, you can keep going and keep going until it’s big enough.

CindyH made a really pretty multicolored one here

Well, after letting him handle some swatches with different stitches he has decided he likes the feel of stockinette. I’m just going to do it in stockinette with a garter stitch border. He also got a little more specific with the size and wants it to be 60x80. :thud: So I guess it’s best to keep it as simple as possible.

Just be sure that you make the border quite wide, like even 3-4" on all edges because if it’s all stockinette it will curl like mad without a sufficient border.

Good luck!! And goodness, that’s a big blanket he’s requesting!! :thud: :thumbsup:

Two hints: big needles and big yarn! (or several strands held together)

I’d use a bulky yarn, but we only found the colors he wanted in a worsted weight. So I was thinking 2 strands on size 13’s.

Ok, lemme find it.
I was reading your posts and if you have them you may want to use two strands of ww and then size 17 circulars…I have an afghan book and it says all afghans are made with 2 strands ww and size 17…it will go a little faster for you that way. It also says to do (in most of the instructions) first 12 rows of garter stitch and then work first and last 10-12 stitches in garter stitch to make your boarder. If you’re doing all of it in stockenette you will probably want to add in about 4-6 rows of garter stitch every 24-30 rows of stockenette, just an idea. It will break it up for you and help it from curling.
here’s one , it’s a dishcloth but will give you an idea."diagonal%20dishcloth"
This one uses ww and size 9, but if you’re doing 2 strands (and I would) then use size 17 needles.
Here’s one that she did in basket weave, I personally dont like the color of the yarn,"knit%20diagonal%20afghan"
And another diagonal one I saw, was just a picture :-x but the title was Knit one purl two, and I imaging that she knit a row and then purled 2 so that it wouldn’t curl on her, just my guess; here’s the picture.
hope this helps.

I love that last blanket! The kitties cracked me up.

I don’t have 17’s but even if I did, I wouldn’t use them. I knit a swatch on 15’s (that’s the one DH liked), it was a little too loose though, so that’s why I’m moving down to a 13. I didn’t like knitting with 15’s anyway though. They’re too big. I didn’t feel like I had much control over them.

I would never call myself an advanced knitter, though I am learning from one.

I’ve had great success with afghans using a simple basketweave pattern.

I edge with a seed stitch, (K1, P1), then basketweave across then seed stitch the end again.

For instance, the pattern might read thus:

CO 72 loosely.
Rows 1-4: K1, P1 across. (seed stitch)
Row5: (K1, P1) twice. K4, P4 - repeat across until last four stitches, then (K1, P1) twice.
Repeat for Rows 6,7 and 8.
Row9: (K1, P1) twice, P4, K4 - repeat across until last four stitches, then (K1, P1) twice.
Repeat for Rows 10, 11 and 12.
Repeat Rows 5 through 12 until desired length.
K1, P1 for last four rows.
Bind off.

This is an easy, almost mindless knit for me. I’ve worked this pattern with Lionbrand Homespun on everything from size 12 US to 17 and 19 US size needles. Sometimes with the bigger needles I use two strands of yarn, and sometimes only one if I’d like a throw that is not so heavy.

The pattern is easily adjustable to any size - you can make your basketweave blocks more rectangular as you wish by adjusting the multiple number. (This pattern is based on multiples of 4, making square basketweave)

I use the CO 72 with larger needles for a lap throw. I can’t recall offhand what I used for full sized afghans - as always, play with the needle size and the yarn.

Happy Knitting! :x:

Thanks for the tip, fierywench. :slight_smile: