Need a unique baby hat

I’ve been searching ravelry non stop but I just can’t settle on a pattern for my friend who is have a baby boy in November.
I oredered 4 skiens of Patons bamboo baby in a nice blue color before I even picked a pattern (regrettable mistake) and now I just don’t know what to do with it.
I’d like to start with a little hat for the baby when he’s a newborn. I’d like it to be a unique stitch pattern. Something that people look at and say "how did she do that??"
I know I can get what I need from my friends on the KH forums! Send me some links would ya girls and gus!

P.S…if hats don’t sound good im open to any pattern you all may suggest. I don’t have kids so I don’t know what’s the most usefull. You tell me! Please??

I’ve made this and it turned out cute. It’s probably more a hat you’d wear outdoors since it’s has a tie.

I have this one in my favorites.

Another brimmed one.

As for what else… burp cloths get used a lot. I always used cloth diapers, but a couple for going out would be nice, too. This one is basic so you can use any pattern you want on it.

I took this link from Jan as inspiration.

My god daughter goes just about nuts over Hello Kitty. That version of this cap knit up sooooo quickly! GREAT.
Now I am struggling with good embroidery for the face. But I am finally done with the nose (crochet on) and one eye (some kind of a weavy stitching that I came up with… well, it works) Tonight sees the second eye and the whiskers.

I am really happy how quickly this went (2 hours? I don’t even think so!)

I did the seemless cast on I saw lately, knit with 5 needles which made it more smooth and saved me markers, finished the bottom edge with I-cord-cast of and made I-cord straps.

I did not use much more than half a 50-g- coil of merino wool with needles No. 4. So it is not the right project to use up so much wool!

I need to show this:

bad photo, I know, but it is dark now and this is the best I can do quickly. My god daughter will go nuts about this hat, I assume! I am just afraid, she will want to ware it in this heat! (merino wool!)

Ohhhhh that is adorable, hyper!

thanks, Jan! I made it in clear white. The photo is really not so good, but I just LOVE that hat! Thanks for providing the pattern link, that’s where I stumbled across it yesterday.

I just can’t wait for my god daughter to catch sight of it. I can see those 3 years old hands reach out for it and not let go… :smiley:

very cute:cheering:

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]That is indeed a purrrfect Hello Kitty[B][I]!!![/I][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

thanks, Lana!
since my god daughter (3 years old) is just about nuts about this cat, I really did not want to get into it with knitting or sewing. The details are so important to meet a band-name-spoiled brain. But this hat will be great. It is just the right kind of “it”. I am happy I made it!

Hyper - did you modify the ears to make them more cat-like?

It turned out really cute - your finish has pushed this to the top of my baby/child hat project list. :knitting:

thanks, yes, I did the ears just by myself:

I looped stitches into the decrease lines, right where they start up top. Nine stitches down from the top, nine back up on the back side of the increase row. then I knit 2 rounds over it. then started the decrease: ssk and k2tog at the edges, so twice per round. the last 3 stitches I knit together.

If you made the ears bigger than 9 stiches per side (you very well could) then I might suggest to try stuffing them slightly. But like this they do not stick out sooo much to be embaraced from afar but enough to be seen.

the stitching I made up as well, as I wrote. it looks unique and will last through the abuse of a 3-year-old, (I guess)

have fund with this. As I wrote: it is super quick and modifications can be done on all odds and ends.