Need a translation

Still working on that silly teddy bear…

Any idea how to go about this:
“2nd Row: Inc in first st, p to last 2 sts, inc in next st, p1.
Inc in this way at each end of next 3 rows. 23 sts. Purl 1 row. Inc as before at end of next 3 RS rows. 26 sts.
Work 13 rows in St st.”

Ugh. The part where they tell you to purl one row should be WS, but somehow, by some divine intervention, I’m on the RS. so ya. That’s bad… Any and all suggestions welcome…

row 2 - purl row with increase This is the first increase row.

row 3 - knit row with increase
row 4 - purl row with increase These are the next three
row 5 - knit row with increase

row 6 - purl - You should be on this row, which is a purl.

ok, that makes sense. i assumed that it was saying to do 6 rows, on the purl ones to make the increases. ok, so that definitely makes way more sense.
thanks a million! :lol: