Need a Sugar & Cream bag/tote pattern please... (Michaels)

I was at Michaels today and by the Sugar & Cream display they had a big sign with two pictures on it. On the left was the knitted duster cover, and on the right was an openwork tote bag that was knit (not crochet). I fell in love with it, but I combed the store and the pattern was not to be found. I assume it was probably one of those freebies that you can get from the tear-off pads. I searched the Michaels website and the Sugar & Cream site and couldn’t find it either. If anyone has found this pattern online, seen the pic at their Michaels, or can snag me an extra of it from their store, I would greatly appreciate it! I can’t even find a pic of it online right now. It was openwork in kind of a wave pattern, and I’m 99% sure it was knit.

Thanks to anyone who can help! :thumbsup:

I haven’t seen the one that you mentioned at Michael’s. However, you might want to take a look at the Plymouth Fantasy Naturale market bag. I’ve made that one, and I really like it. It’s knitted in the round, and it knitted up pretty quickly. I think it would work very well in Sugar 'n Cream. Here is the link:

Are you on Ravelery? Just do a search for “market bags” - you will find TONS!

Are you sure the tote bag was made w/Sugar/Cream yarn? I know the Michael’s site links to lion brand patterns so maybe it was one of their patterns.
Hw about this one from the Lily site - scroll down to bottom of the page. It’s not a free pattern, though - it’s in their Eco-Kitchen book.

In the July, 2009 issue of Creative Knitting magazine (page 58), there is a pattern for “Wave Beach Bag”. It looks to me to be very similar to what you described in your post. The yarn used in the pattern is Eco-Cotton Blend from Red Heart. It seems very likely that Michael’s would be advertising a pattern with yarn they sell (Red Heart Eco-Cotton – Coats & Clark). Hope this helps your search for the pattern. Incidentally, I am sure it would be a great tote bag (not just for the beach) or market bag because the cotton yarn is doubled and would be very strong!

It may be found on or then.

Toward the end you can see the wave beach bag that nancydee was describing. Looks like a seafoam stitch pattern.

The one I saw was more open. That one is beautiful though!

Well, I was at Michaels last night and found the display sign. One side had the duster cover thing, the other side this market bag.

This is the bag on the sign, at least on the sign in my Michaels. It’s crochet, though, not knit.

Yup… I am an idiot. I went back into Michaels yesterday and saw right there on the sign in front of my eyes - [B]crochet[/B] bag! That’s what happens when I go into Michaels with my little ones tagging along…

Thanks for all the help - I ordered that Lily Eco-Kitchen booklet and I’m going to try (TRY) to teach myself enough crochet to make the other pattern.

I have a pattern from Michael’s that is a crochet market bag using Lily sugar n cream. Not sure if this is the one you are looking for. The picture shows the bag in a variegated blue and white yarn. Is this it?

The OP hasn’t posted in almost 6 yrs, but she did say she found one in her last post in this thread. :wink: