Need a quick gift idea?

Looking for something quick and cheap yet high-quality to make for your co-workers, aquaintances or childrens’ teachers? Here’s an idea!

Why not make them a nice face cloth and give them a cake of handmade soap? I got the idea from Knit It! and thought it was a great way to make something personal yet inexpensive. (Lily Sugar and Cream is approximately $1.00-1.50, handmilled soap is $2-4, depending on what level of quality/style you want, and a dishcloth takes just a couple of hours)

For example, while looking for dishcloth patterns to make washcloths for a friend of mine i came across this site (scroll down to the pattern named “Kay”). That one is rather nice!

But you could also do any number of specialized patterns. RachelG’s site has LOADS!


Hey Hedge,

Heres my fav site for cloths, Dish Cloth Boutique.

There is also a beautiful dropped stitch dish cloth Ive seen on the net. Its done in purple chenile and has tons of drop stitches, not sure how practical but sure is pretty. Hmm, Ill have to dig around for that one.

:heart: :heart: :heart: that idea! Thanks for sharing.

I think that’s a fantastic idea! I so love handmade soaps that don’t have all of the additives, all that I use :wink: …it doesn’t just rip the natural oils, etc from your skin like all those detergents & additives in regular soap does…my 2 cents :wink:

Heres the purple chenile cloth I think is so yummy!

And I was wrong, there arent dropped stitches, it just reminds me of dropped stitches. :slight_smile: So I guess its much more practical.

Thanks Pixy!

I use that Dishcloth Boutique A LOT myself - forgot to add that link! Silly hedgehog! :slight_smile:

And that chenille one looks VERY posh!


And, there’s always knitting knonsense for all those fun THEMED (animals, letters of the alphabet, etc) dishcloths!

Thanks Kelly! Another great site!

I saw this on there which i thought was kinda cool… I bet you could make the “ribbon” in the pattern a nice pink color (or whatever color is closest to your heart).

Also, gotta say that the Skull and Crossbones is quite cool… But that’s just me! :wink:


How could I forget her! I love that site. I made the DW into a bib in a cute varigated cotton! It is gorgeous!