Need a Pattern for Newborn Sweater

Hi All,
Iam expecting my first baby so i would like to knit a sweater for my baby. Iam a beginner in knitting. I Like to knit a sweater with needle size 2, 3 or 5. I could not find patterns with needle size 2, 3 or 5. Since Iam very new to knitting, i dont know to adjust the pattern(for my needle size) and get the correct sweater size. Iam eagerly waiting for beautiful patterns from u all.
Thank u All in advance.

congrats on your growing bundle of joy.
Those needle sizes sound kinda small to me, but some people do well with them. Debbie Bliss has wonderful baby patterns and most are very easy. There are tons of booties on this site , hats, blankets etc, you should be inspired in no time at all.

Thanks Internette for ur quick response.
Where can I find Debbie Bliss Patterns??.

Here are some free patterns, actually lots of them. Debbie Bliss is a designer that has many books, and a lot of cute things for babies.

I’m expecting my fourth child in 10 days, and I’m REALLY wanting to do this sweater, but I’ll have to wait and see what color of yarn I need to get!

The recommended needle size for this particular yarn is 1-3, but you could use whatever appropriate baby or fingering yarn that would fit the gauge (and be washable of all baby stains!)