Need a NURSING MOM shawl/wrap pattern!

I know there was a request for a wrap pattern also today and I did bookmark a few of them…BUT, I wonder if any of you out there have knit a shawl or wrap specifically for a nursing mom recently.
My DDin law is due to deliver our new grandaughter in December:woohoo: and I want to make her one. I need to get started on it asap!!:knitting:
Thanks from
Jen the grandma who is oncloud9!

P.S. I forgot to say they live in southern California, so it needs to be on the light weight side.

:?? ummmmmm, what makes a shawl a “Nursing Mom” shawl? I would think you could just take a pattern you like and make it in a yarn that suits?

Probably needs to be fairly long…I had a GREAT poncho I used while I was nursing my youngest daughter and it was super light, I bought it at Gap.I’ll take a picture and post it.

Thank you Laura, I’d appreciate it!

I just thought maybe some mom’s who are nursing might have a better idea as to what type of shawl/wrap they might like ie: yarn, pattern,… Like Laura wrote…“probably should be fairly long”.

Just suggestions like that :slight_smile:


There is a pattern for one in the book “Natural Knits for Babies and Moms” by Louisa Harding.

Thanks Robyn, I had seen that one a couple of months ago and I had forgotten all about it!!!

I saw one recently, I think at knittingpatterncentral it was denser at the top, where it needs to cover the… “equipment”… then airier where the baby is so it can breathe… it was long (the picture is of the mother seated and it went all the way to her lap) and I think it had a crochet edging.

How about something like this—

I’m not pregnant or nursing, but I think a wrap designed in a similar fashion would be really nice! I really like the button/adjustable feature!


I’m due in Dec. too! I like the mom_on_the_go_poncho, but I know from nursing my previous 2 that baby gets sweaty under there. I finally ended up using a 1 yard piece of searsucker material and that worked best. Keep in mind she’s (we) are going to be nursing in the summer too. also there’s a nursing shawl that I love and will use again with this one, it’s called Loved Baby I have the blue one b/c I wear jeans all the time, but love this shawl!!! It has other uses too, if you look at the website. And it’s machine washable/dryable. Maybe this would be a good Christmas gift for her; not sure when she’s due. definatly a best buy in my oppinion!

Thank you so much I will take a look and see if I can find it!!

Thank you for your input…she is due December 27, but lives in southern CA where the weather fluxuates alot. Some mornings it is 45 and by noon it is 85 degrees!! I was worried that a knitted shawl/wrap would be too hot, but this one looks great! Maybe I will just buy this for her and knit something else instead!!
Thanks for the site!

Thank you for the sites!! I love both of them, but like I said she is in a warmer climate so maybe I will look into the second one, it seems lighter and if I decide to knit one, I could make it in a cotton silk or something!:slight_smile:

Well first off, congrats on the grandchild on the way! I can tell that you’re very excited! :smiley: I’m not that great of a knitter, and I’m on the opposite side of the country, but I’ve been nursing my daughter for 15 months now…and I just wanted to say that whatever you make, the button thing (on the shoulder in one of the links) I bet would be really helpful! I didn’t/don’t have anything like this…so I’m no help as far as what’s the best idea…but I think the buttons would be really handy on it!

Since it does get so warm there, how about making one out of cotton or cotton blend?

Jen: you’re welcome. I’m in NM and my climate/temperatures change quickly too. If you want to knit her something how about some cute little socks, yes my pattern. or a baby blanket for over the carseat or for on her in the car seat to tuck into the sides of her legs? wouldn’t have to be very big-maybe 18" square. Just a couple ideas, or even a smaller version of this teddy from knitty; I’m gonna do one for my little one on the way out of left over sock yarn.