Need a easy knit shrug

Ok was trying to knit a shrug pattern that you have to sew everything together did not get it. So is there a shrug pattern somewhere online you dont have to sew any thing

Are you on Ravelry? I love their pattern search function there, and found this easy-looking no-sew short-sleeved shrug:

This one has 3/4 sleeves:

Here’s a long-sleeved one:

Ravelry lets you choose difficulty level, and the type of yarn you have, so it’s pretty easy to find something you like. They also flag the patterns that are available for free.

Here’s some easy ones, can’t get much simpler then a rectangle with the ends sewn together to form sleeves:

these with raglan sleeves have practically no sewing at all

but why did you give up on the other one? You had a question about sewing the shoulder seams, did you need some more help with that?

Thanks everyone for posting web sites for me going to check them out. I gave up on the other shrug because i seen i got the back wrong so i try to make it again and still did not come out right. The pattern said on the back knit until 12inchs i did that then it saids at the beginning on the next two rows bind off 19 stitches well the first row i binded off 19 and i thought after i did that i should just go ahead and knit the rest well when i turned to the next row to bind off 19 more i had a split in the middle hard to explain i was lost from there on so tore it out and gave up.