Need a couple of hooded sweater ideas

Well, my sister and nephews have now put in their knitting orders…they all want hoodies! Any referrals to EASY patterns would be appreciated! Maybe with pockets, as well?

Doesn’t LionBrand have a whole family of hoodies?

Let me check for the link…

Okay, here’s the link. They don’t have pockets in the picture, but at the bottom it gives an optional pocket to add on to it. It’s also listed as a beginner pattern.

I started one of these for hubby; I didn’t finish it because of the stupid yarn. The homespun is VERY frustrating to work with (for me);unfortunatly I love the colors and I can never refuse to buy it!! It was very easy. If you like homespun, here is a link to one of my (2) LYS, which carries homespun mill ends. A 6oz/185 yard skein sells for 5.99 most places, including the Lion Brand site… my store carries it for 5.99 a pound. :happydance: In order to figure out how many pounds to buy, figure about 2.666 skeins per pound (or round up to 3 skeins, but that’s being VERY generous)… so if the adult large takes 4 skeins, you could get 2 pounds and have plenty left over. This LYS will ship all over, even overseas and they go buy the lowest priced ship methos (unless other wise specified). The only “downfalls” are: they don’t take online orders, you need to print the order form and either mail it, call them toll free or fax it in. They also charge a $2.00 handling fee for each order.

You could also substitute an equal weight yarn (that’s what i plan on doing)… just convert to yardage; 1 skein = 185 yards, so 4 skeins for adult large = 740 yards. Homespun is a bulky weight yarn, so all of these from Lion Brand would work: Color Waves, Chunky USA, Festive Fur
Fun Fur, Homespun®, Homespun Baby®, Incredible, Jiffy, Kool Wool. Lion Suede, Moonlight Mohair, Polarspun, Trellis, Velvet Spun, Watercolors, and Wool-Ease Chunky. … or you could get a bulky wool, too.

someone check my math please. :thinking:

Can’t wait to see it!

Hilde, you are AWESOME. That was ALOT of research for my little question!

I did see the Lionbrand hoodies, but I was thinking that something with a pocket in front would be nice for nephews who carry every McDonalds Happy Meal toy they own with them at all times! :rollseyes: :lol:

And, I am becoming less and less a fan of Lion Brand synthetic yarns…I think I might substitute a cotton of some sort instead. Am I becoming a yarn snob??? :wink:

Here’s a cute one I was thinking of trying for my nephew–I don’t know how easy it is. Or how old your nephews are…this just has a few sizes.

Mer. that’s a CUTE one! I wonder if I could make the hood a little less pointy, though???

I suppose it would help to say how big they are…
The older one is almost 13
The younger is a little pipsqueak of 7.

Kelly, thanks for asking this question, because I was thinking of making hoodies for my kids.

Also, you guys that keep talking about how Homespun yarn is so hard to work with are making me scared. I have some Homespun yarn that I purchased to make a baby blanket… I am wondering if I should not get something else.

Yes. Yes I am.

Yes. Yes you are.

J/k. A yarn snob is (to me) a person who turns their nose up at a certain kid of yarn for no other reason beyond its not being what they like best; I guess one could be a yarn snob towards wool :thinking: We just usually hear it the other way around.

Wild, I don’t personally like homespun, but a lot of people do. My girlfriend knits with it all the time, and she’s made a bunch of stuff. I love how it feels and I love the colors, I just can’t stand knitting with it… this is MY problem (shut up beldie) and not necessarily a problem with the yarn.

KK, there are directions for how to add a pocket in the book The Sweater Workshop; it’s super easy, and practically invisible. And it wasn’t that much research, I just happen to be intimately aquainted with my LYS and the lion brand site :slight_smile: But as I say at school “Don’t tell me, put it in my file.” :thumbsup:

:shock: :verysad:

[size=2]What did I say?[/size]

oh poo!!! i was assuming you’d come up with a snide remark about me having some sort of problem. Sorry!!! I love you [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size] [size=7]:heart: [/size]

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Me all better now.

Well, I WUV you both! HUGS

[color=red][size=6] :inlove: :heart: YAYYY! A LOVE FEST IN KELLY’S HOODIE THREAD!!! :heart: :inlove: [/size][/color]

Yikes! I just looked at that pattern from lionbrand for the pullover hoodie…after looking at those pieces to sew together, makes me glad I have been doing the Wonderful Wallaby for my first sweater…there is no sewing at all except for the kitchener stitch over six stitches under each arm! I have decided not to do the hood however, because I will run out of yarn before it would be finished, so it will just have a collar. Besides, the four year old who is getting it doesn’t like hoods anyway!


Love you guys! :heart: I had the Lion Brand hoodie half done for DD, but lost the leaflet on which the pattern was printed. Leaflet included the pocket, though. No matter, DD tends to leave stuff in pockets at laundry time. Bad,bad,BAD! So 8 months later, I can pick that project up again. Homespun is soft and fast. I don’t mind it. I sold a scarf to a girl in one of my classes and I really like the way it is “fuzzing up” with use. She likes it 'cause it’s thick and we freeze our butts off here in our little valley. I think it would make a nice warm, cushy baby blanket that can be washed without trouble.