Need a Christmas Tree Skirt pattern

Many years ago my grandma crocheted a Christmas tree skirt for each of her daughters. It was made with standard yarn, but very lacy looking. My mom’s was white, and she put a plain red cotton skirt underneath it. It was SO pretty!

My mom passed away and my sister has the tree skirt. Now that I’ve learned how to knit, I’d love to make my own tree skirt. I did a bit of research on the internet, and any knitted tree skirt I find is more the bulky fabric type, not light and lacy like my grandma’s crocheted skirt.

Any ideas???

Hi…when I had my first baby, my mom knit a circular baby blanket with baby yarn that was really kind of lacey. I bet you could do something like that… It would look really pretty, especially with the red fabric underneath.

found no speciality full pattern but perhaps you could adapt another pattern.
Here is an idea.

Elann has several patterns that might work.
Full Skirts, Half round shawls could do more segments to make round, Lace poncho,
or these show how to do flat circle with Feather & fan lace, you would just do it open and start further out with more sts. That would look amazing around a tree.