Necklne on baby cardigan

Hello, I am having a hard time following the directions for the neckline on the hobbii Trollius Baby Cardigan pattern, a free pattern on their web page.
Neckline instructions as written on the pattern; I am making the largest size which is the 5th and last set of instrucitons and starting the bind off with 100 sts on needle:
Bind off in the beginning of each row:
1x4 sts, 1x 3 sts, 1x 2 sts (1x5 st, 2x3 sts) 1x 5 st,
2x3 sts (1x 5 sts, 1x4sts, 1x3 sts) 1x5sts, 1x4 sts,
1x3sts. While decreasing the raglan seams 3 times = 52 sts left on the row.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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You’re going to decrease at the beginning of the row, work to the end of row, turn and decrease at the beginning of this next row.
So bind off 5sts at the beginning of row 1, bind off 5sts at the beginning of row 2,
bind off 4sts at the beginning of row 3, bind off 4sts at the beginning of row 4,
bind off 3sts at the beginning of row 5, bind off 3sts at the beginning of row 6.
That’ll be 24sts sts total bound off.
At the same time you’ll be continuing the raglan decreases on rows 1,3 and 5 (assuming those are your right side (RS) rows). That’ll be 24sts decreased at the raglans.
The total will be 48sts bound off or decreased taking you from 100sts to 52sts.

Make a list of the rows and the bind offs and raglan decreases. Then check them off as you work them in order to keep on track. Your knitting is so pretty and even on this lovely little cardi.

Thank you so very much for your clear explanation. I am going to print out your instructions and work on the cardigan this evening. You are so kind and helpful! Many thanks!

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Delighted to be able to help. Have fun finishing up!

Beautiful cardigan! You’ve knitted it so well and it looks so soft and cosy.

Hiya, if you haven’t started yet, you might want to try working a sloped bind off! It’ll be easier to pick up stitches for the neck band and it’ll give a smoother look

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