[size=6]Hi, can someone help me with this neckband. I’m really having problems. It’s my 1st time knitting a vest.[/size] Sort of lost and don’t know which direction the needle should be facing. :??


With RS facing, pick up and knit 38 sts down left front neck edge. K1from safety pin and mark as center st. Pick up and Knit 38 sts up right front neck edge. K23 from back st holder inc 1 st at center. 101 sts.

1st ROW: (WS). ^P1. K1 Rep from^ to center 3 sts. P3 tog. ^^K1.P1. Rep from ^^ to end of row.

2nd ROW: ^K1.P1. Rep from ^ to center 3 sts. K3tog. ^^P1.K1. Rep from ^^ to end of row.

3rd ROW: As 1st row.

Cast off in ribbing loosely, dec as before. Sew left shoulder and neckband seam.

The needle should look like it does whenever you’re knitting. Take the vest in your left hand as if it were on your left needle, and insert your right needle into the stitch at the top of the left front edge (which is the side on your left if you were wearing it) and start picking up stitches. I’m sure there’s a video in the Advanced Techniques section that would show you.