Neckband from stitch-holder

Hello knitters,

I’m hoping to get some help with the neckband of a jumper. I read a few other threads, but alas, they didn’t make any sense to me. I think I need really really basic help in understanding the instructions from my pattern.
I have made this jumper once before (as a test run before I made one for my friend) and the neckband is woeful. It’s floppy and it didn’t work at all, and I really don’t want to gift a jumper that isn’t wearable by making the same mistakes.

SO. The pattern says:

Join right shoulder seam. With right side facing, knit up 19 sts evenly along left side of front next, knit across sts from front stitch-holder, knit up 19 sts evenly along right side of front neck to shoulder, knit up 6 sts evenly along right side of back neck, knit across sts from back stitch-holder, then knit up 6 sts evenly along left side of back next.

I have 20 stitched on the front stitch-holder, and 26 on the back.

Is the pattern asking me to ‘pick up’ 19 stitched on the left side of the front neck from the top of the shoulder up to the stitch-holder and then the same on the other side?
When it says ‘knit up’ does this mean I pick up the stitches, and then actually ‘knit’ them, or am I just putting those 19 stitches onto my needle before I get to the stitch holder?
I know these are really silly questions, but it’s just not visually making sense in my head, and I don’t want to start it and do it incorrectly!

The pattern then says 1st row - K2, *P1, K1, rep from * to end. rep last row 16 times.
Does this mean I’m repeating P1, K1 x 16?

Thanks in advance everyone (and apologies for you knitting gurus! ah the stress of not understanding a pattern!).

Good question.
You’ve seamed the right shoulder (that’s the right shoulder as you’re wearing the sweater). Start at the left shoulder, and pick up and knit 19sts from the left edge of the neck down to the front held sts. Here’s a video for picking up sts. It’s sometimes referred to as pick up and knit or knit up but the idea is all the same.

Once the sts are on the needle, knit across the front stitch holder, pick up on the right side of the neck and then knit cross the back stitch holder.
Now turn and work row 2. K2, repeat P1, K1 to the end of the row (you’ll be repeating the P1K1 41 times). Continue by repeating this [I]row[/I], 16 times.

This won’t turn out to be the usual ribbed collar. Is that what the pattern looks like? Can you tell us the pattern name or give us a link to it?