Neckband (again!) - picking up stitches

Hi - me again about my Little Star neckband. Ingrid gave me some great options for knitting this but have decided to (try to!) follow the pattern!

Instructions say:
Join right shoulder seam. (have done this since pic was taken)

With RS facing, pick up and k 19 sts down left front neck, k across 10 sts at centre front, pick up and k 19 sts up right front neck then k across 26 sts at centre back.

I am puzzled - I know how to pick up stitches from doing socks but in this case do I first pick up the left front sts, then put the centre front 10 on my needle, then pick up the right hand sts, then add the 26 sts on to my needle and then knit the whole lot?

Or am I supposed to knit the 19 sts as I pick them up (and if so how???)

thanks in advance!

You pick up the stitches by pulling the yarn through, like this, put the stitches that are on the holder on your left needle and knit them, then pick up the other side of the front. Put the back stitches that are on a holder on your left needle and knit them. Make sense?

And then, once you have all the stitches on your needle, start knitting the neckband in one piece.

yes, all makes perfect sense, just concerned that the picked up ones aren’t “knitted properly” as the ones on the holder will be - or do I knit each picked up stitch on to my other needle as i go along?


You worry too much! :wink: It’s fine to pick up the edge stitches and knit the others. It’s done on the majority of sweaters. :thumbsup:

thanks Ingrid - I do worry far too much about these things!!! Thankfully I have sensible poeple like yourself to put me straight!!

I have in fact just done this as suggested (without knitting every stitch!!) and it looks perfect and I have the right number of stitches to start the ribbing so all fine!!!

thanks again