Neck too small top down sweater - help!

Hi! I am knitting a top down sweater (Branches and Buds), and although I follow the pattern exactly, the neckline comes out looking far smaller than it does in the pictures. The same thing happened in the previous sweater I made for my husband (Flax). Any ideas why this is happening to me?

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Are you on the pattern gauge with the larger size needles? What size needles are you using? Which cast on did you use?
Both patterns use a smaller size needle for the collar. You might try the same size needle or cast on a few more sts for the collar. You can then decrease on the round after the collar.

Thanks @salmonmac! I am on the pattern gauge with the larger needles on both projects, used the 3.5mm for the neck ribbing and changed to the 3.75 mm as per the instructions for Branches and Buds, can’t remember for Flax, sorry. I used the long tail cast on for both projects. I had a look through the comments on Branches and Buds and someone else had the same problem, the recommendation of the designer was to cast on with the larger size needles, then switch to the smaller for the ribbing then back to the larger needles. I think I will give that a go.
I am interested in what you say about how you can cast on a few more stitches on the collar and then decrease on the round after the collar, I might give that a try if changing the needle size doesn’t work.
Thanks again for your reply :grinning:

Changing the needle size is a good way to go. You might also try the German twisted cast on. It’s another long tail cast on but with more stretch.