Neck shaping quesiton...SNH!

Does anyone know why some patterns call for casting off 1 stitch at the beginnig of each row for neck shaping, and some just call for regular right-slanting or left-slanting decreases? What’s the difference, appearance-wise? :?? Or is one easier to pick up stitches from than the other??


anyone?? :crying:

Here’s my guess: When you bind off a stitch, you create a little bump on the end of the row where the bind off is. A decrease in the near end of the row (usually at least 1 or 2 stitches in from the end) reduces the number of stitches in the row, but does not create the bump. Makes for a more graceful transition.

Also, your decreases can be decorative, and add a nice touch to your garment.

Just a guess, but there you go.

Personally, I’ve never understood a single bind off instead of a decrease. I don’t know why you would want that bind off bump, ever. Maybe they’re in the pattern because the pattern writer didn’t really think about a decrease instead?? I dunno… maybe there’s some reason for them, but I can’t think of any. :??