Neck of a sweater

Hello evrybody!

I am a beginner knitter.I just started doing my first sweater.I have finished doing the front and the back of a sweater and I just started doing the neck of the sweater.I am stuck here.Could somebody help me or could somebody tell me if there are online videos which could help me to do this.Please do help me .I am really stuck.

Regards Midge

What are you stuck on? I don’t think there is a specific video for sweater necks, but if you specify what your confusion is, we’ll be willing to ‘talk’ you through it!

Yes yes … we need more details. :slight_smile: But a wild guess though … do you need to pick up and knit sts for the neck? If so … there’s this video…


A trick for picking up stitches around the neck… so you have to pick up “so many” stitches evenly around? Tie a little scrap of yarn through a stitch every inch or so around the neck, and pick up an even number between each piece of yarn. If you have to pick up say 80 stitches, and if there are 10 spaces between the scrap yarn, pick up 8 in every space. :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot everybody for the replies and encouragement.I did it.I somehow understood how to do it.I am continung on it.I’ll surely approach u again in case i need help.

Hugs and kisses

Good for you! :thumbsup: