Neck and Shoulder

I am so close to being done.

My instructions were to bind off 10 stitches at neck edge. I have finished the neck edge and the shoulder shaping (at long last) and now I have to go back and finish the neck. This is my dilemma, the 10 bound off stitches at neck edge (towards shoulder) were a purl side bind off and seem to slant right. When I start to bind off at the neck edge they are a knit bind off and slant to the left. Hm? That and I don’t understand how to “join in” at the neck edge so that the binding off across the should and neck are seamless. This is a boatneck pullover so, overcourse, the neckline is quite long.

can anybody explain this so I understand? just pretend you are talking to a toddler. I’ll get it.

Thanks again - everyone on here is always so helpful.

If this helps it’s the Suss Design Zipper Sweater (has zipper in the front and on the sleaves).


I am going to reply to this and bump it back up the list. I see no one has attempted an answer. Maybe it would help if you could give a link to the pattern, or quotethe part of the pattern in question. Also it may help us to see a picture of what you are doing, if you can do that.

Oh I think I get it. By `slant’ to right and left, you mean the chain like stitch from the bind off. When you look at the piece, it goes one way on the purl BO, and another on the knit BO. That doesn’t matter. Look ahead to the finishing instructions and see if it has you pick up stitches for a collar or neckband. If it doesn’t, you can do so and make the whole neckline edge look the same.