Neat trick to even out ssk

I’ve always been a bit bothered by the look of left leaning decreases like ki, sl1, psso or even improved ssk. The decreases never really looked as neat as k2tog, a right leaning dec. Yarn Sub sent an alternative which I just had a chance to try.

The video link is just before the photo tutorial. The second method shown in the video seems to me to be much easier to work.

See what you think.


That’s interesting. I’ll have to swatch and see how it looks for me. Thanks for the link!

Seems way too complicated to me!! I prefer the usual SSK – have never had a problem with it. Yes, she does not have good tension on her stitches, so of course, she will make a mess of them. If it works for her, then good for her! But beginners need to be careful in thinking that this is the correct way! THere are always alternatives… some are better suited to you, some not so much.

I think…I’m not certain, but I think…that this ends up pretty much the same as improved ssk. I figured out that pulling the second stitch larger when slipping it pw evens thing out nicely. For me it’s easier to modify what I’ve already been doing.

I still haven’t tried this trick yet to see what I think, but I will eventually. I’ve pretty much just learned to live with what I get from improved SSK and K2tog. In the end the line of left leaning stitches just looks like a design feature. :joy:

@salmonmac, this is brilliant!! Thanks for sharing it!! It does look tricky to execute, but not impossible, I’ll have to try it. I will likely still stick with what is easy, since I’m not that fussy these days, but 10 years ago I would have definitely been doing this! LOL. I’m sure there are others that will appreciate it. Have you tried it yet? Do you like it?

It’s one of those things that people have been looking for a solution for for a long time. It appears to be the nicest I’ve seen, next to doing P2Tog-- but that requires flat knitting, and doing it on alternate rows, so is not exactly convenient. Nice to have a RS solution finally!

I’ve used the technique in the second half of the video, the quick and dirty method, and I’m happy with it.

Ohhhhhhhhh, now THAT’s AWESOME. I stopped watching after the first demo, didn’t realize there was a second demo in the same video!

Here’s a direct link to the video, all. This is really great, Mary Anne. Good find!!!

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Oh thanks for the video I’ll check it out after dinner!