Neat edges?

I was wondering, what is the best way to make neat edges?

I have no problem in garter stitch, but when I try stockinette, or any other stitch pattern that involves switching between k & p, the edges get all wonky. Is there a better way to set the yarn before you start each row?

Going from a row of knit to another is easy as is going from a row of knit to a row of purl, but switching from purl to knit, or purl to purl always seems to get a bit messed up.

Any suggestions?

I’ve heard slipping the first stitch on each row makes for a nicer edging. Maybe you could try that?

A good way to make neat edges is to slip the first stitch and knit the last on every row. Slipping a stitch just moves it unknitted to the right hand needle and most of us slip as if to purl.

If your stockinette is curling that is just the nature of the beast…it always curls unless you put a border on it.

Hope this helps!